Teachers – High School Leaders

Using High School Leaders

An Overview

  • You can request leaders at the time you book your trip or at a later time.
  • Contact the student(s) well in advance of your trip and have them agree to confirm with you again at a time closer to your departure.
  • Discuss where they will meet you in order to get to the center. Usually, either the school or at the base of Lac duBois road are the best arrangements.
  • Students have a leader manual with basic activities, games, as well as a basic campfire/evening program. Discuss their assistance with these programs.
  • Students are trained to support your program. They are not teachers, but are expected to have enough initiative to assist students during a lesson and to help with clean-up etc. Expect this from them.
  • Students are completely aware of their responsibilities while in the cabins with the children. Their training focused heavily on their conduct as a role model and the well being of the children. Expect nothing less than excellence in this area.
  • Leaders are especially well used during transition times (meal prep & clean-up). Again, their manual contains basic activities that they can do with the students during these times.