Teachers – Planning Overview & Checklist

Planning Overview/Check-List

This section is designed to give an overview of the planning process for a McQueen Lake field trip.

Setting Objectives

  • for students
  • for parents/helpers
  • for teacher

Student Preparation

  • knowledge base
  • knowledge of site regulations and facilities
  • knowledge of behaviour standards

Parent Communication

  • information sent
  • permission slips

In-school arrangements

  • principal support/approval
  • arrangements made for students unable to attend


  • site
  • transportation (at least one vehicle on site for emergency transportation)
  • inservice (recommended for those new to McQueen)

Orientation to site

  • teacher
  • students (book a pre-trip orientation with the resource teacher (see bottom of page))
  • parents/helpers


  • McQueen Lake staff (school visit, planning assistance, on site assistance)
  • HGEC catalog (support information and equipment)


  • ordered, familiar with usage
  • check-list for students/parents
  • arrangements made for students unable to provide basics
  • group equipment planned for (matches, maps, chart paper, pencils…)
  • additional cooking equipment if required (lodge has basics)
  • cleanup supplies (dish towels, soap…)

Food Arrangements

  • menu planning
  • tools and utensils
  • organization for preparation of food
  • shopping
  • costs (usually $25.00/student is sufficient)


  • orientation
  • information (background, philosophy, student and leader expectations, site regulations, timetables, maps)
  • responsibilities
  • meeting(s) and/or letter(s)
  • groups assigned
  • ratio for supervision (primary 6:1, 8:1 grade 4 and up)
  • parents with special skills noted

On-site plans

  • teacher’s role (ideally to coordinate and oversee)
  • programme (activities, assignments, journals)
  • itinerary
  • groups (duties and responsibilities
  • background info (maps, concepts to be explored)


  • student activities
  • evaluation (teacher, students)
  • acknowledgements
  • return materials and equipment