Teachers-Booking Procedures

In order to assist with booking of the site the following procedures are outlined:

  1. The decision as to which classes or groups of students go to McQueen Lake is a school-based decision and should be approved by the Principal.
  2. If your school has already used their yearly trip allowance, have a budget code ready (usually the field-trip budget code).
  3. Schools should submit booking requests before September but not before the determined booking date in May for that year. There are trip allocation restrictions in effect to ensure that all schools get a fair chance at booking a trip. Additional trips can be booked after September, if space is available and a school budget code accompanies the request.
  4. Bookings will be processed as they are received. Schools should indicate a preference by season, in case their first choice can not be satisfied. Teachers should indicate at time of booking if they want to employ high school leaders.
  5. Every effort will be made to satisfy requests for special times. A waiting list will be maintained, if a preferred time is unavailable.
  6. The Overnight Centre can accommodate more than one class per booking, but additional transportation for supplies and students will be required. Transportation regulations restrict seating to 70 passengers per bus and luggage height can not exceed the height of the back of the seats. Skis and skates involve special transportation requirements.
  7. Please contact the McQueen Lake office if you are considering a double booking so we can assist with the arrangements.
  8. Cancellations: Each year cancellations for the Overnight Centre occur for various reasons. When this happens with less than three weeks notice, it is difficult to book another class into the vacancy. This becomes even more problematic when High School Leaders are involved. Please give at least three weeks notice of a cancellation.
  9. * To request a booking or to change any booking information, please contact Brenda Mcparland: email: bmcparland[at]sd73[dot]bc[dot]ca. She will want to collect general information such as the preferred trip date, center being used, school, grade, and class size. In addition, it is helpful to know the approximate number of parent helpers and whether you would like to request the assistance of high school leaders