Careful pre-planning is essential for a safe trip. If potential problems are thought out in advance, precious time may be saved in the event of an emergency, and much panic and confusion avoided. Preventative pre-planning should consist of:
  • being knowledgeable of on-site resource people,emergency communication equipment, and safety equipment.
  • assessing probable weather conditions and appropriate equipment required to deal with conditions.
  • assessing potential hazards, e.g. lakes, ice, cooking facilities, fires
  • drawing up comprehensive timetables, maps and rules of conduct.
  • ensuring that both parents/helpers and children are familiar with the above.


Safety requirements change with the season. Many potential dangerous situations may be avoided by:
  • ensuring that children are properly dressed.
  • providing proper supervision–additional parents/helpers may be needed in winter.
  • preventing overexertion and dehydration, which is a common cause of headache and nausea.
  • being alert to first signs of hypothermia, frostbite and hyperthermia.
  • considering appropriate equipment for the season.
  • checking with McQueen Lake staff regarding ice and snow conditions in winter.

Safety Checklist

  • At least one vehicle on site for emergencies
  • McQueen Lake phone number posted in school office: 250-574-0730
  • Spare first aid kit. First aid kit located in the caretaker’s residence, the stretcher is in the pump house (at overnight center). The caretaker (Dan Sargent) is a qualified first aid attendant.
  • list of children drawn up (note medic alerts and allergies)
  • establish a buddy system and/or other means by which to effectively monitor individuals in your group.
  • concept established that students have a responsibility for their own physical safety and condition.
  • code of conduct established
  • appropriateness of clothing and equipment checked prior to departure from school
  • potential hazards assessed (fires, ice, weather)
  • special equipment needs (insect repellent-June, extra sleeping bags)
  • students given clear instructions on what to do if lost