Teachers – Common Questions How do Schools use the McQueen Lake Facilities?

The McQueen Lake facilities are used by all grades and with many different objectives. However, generally speaking, this is how the facilities are used:


The overnight centre is generally used by grades 4-7, while most of the day-centre groups (McQueen Day Centre or Isobel Lake Day Centre) tend to be used by K-3.


The overnight centre is utilized throughout the school year whereas the day centres get most of their use in May-June. More people should use them in the fall!

Time of Week

Groups usually go to the overnight centre from either Monday-Wednesday, or Wednesday-Friday. The day centres are used throughout the week.

What About Food and Other Supplies?

Generally speaking, groups have to take care of themselves. Although there is a kitchen and basic cooking utensils, groups need to provide their own food and dishes. Although the cabins have bunks and are heated, each student needs to bring a sleeping bag and foamy.

What are the Costs?

Each school is given a certain number of paid trips (bussing only) based on their student numbers. The only additional costs are: Food on overnight trips – generally $25.00/ student will cover this. Rental of skis or snowshoes $5/student/trip Lost compasses,whistles,etc. – $ varies.


Most groups book a district bus for either the day or overnight centres (see Booking Procedures). Some groups provide their own transportation by pooling parent vehicles. Please check with your administrator in regards to district and school policies and procedures.

How do I Book a Trip?

Please contact Brenda Mcparland, bmcparland[at]sd73[dot]bc[dot]ca


Overnight Centre – It is recommended that a ratio of 1 supervisor (parent/teacher) be present for every 6 students. Having too many parents can also cause problems with the overall management of the trip. Day Centres – A ratio of 1 supervisor for every 10 students is recommended.

More Help?

Orientations: The Site – Book a site orientation for yourself. Pre-Trip – Get the Resource Teacher to visit your class and do a pre-trip orientation with them. This really helps to prepare the group and reinforce expectations for a safe and enjoyable stay. During Trip: McQueen Lake Resource Teacher – activities and curriculum. High School Leaders